Household Insurance:

Household insurance with extra-strong benefits offers comprehensive household protection.

Everything that is within the four walls is insured. Including worldwide personal liability insurance.

Car insurance:

Being mobile is part of our everyday life. With car insurance, you can be sure that "sheet metal damage" will no longer be a headache - and that you are optimally covered even in the event of major damage.

Private health insurance

As a private patient, you have the best medical care with special-class insurance. If you have to go to the hospital, it is reassuring to be able to choose the hospital and doctor yourself and personal appointment requests are a matter of course. Peace and comfort in a single or double room help you to get well again quickly. This insurance also covers the costs of your private or elective doctor and pays for your medication and medical aids.

Accident insurance

You can take precautions to ensure that an accident does not cause existential worries in addition to the pain. Accident insurance is the ideal protection for your whole family.

Legal protection

Legal protection insurance protects you from the financial consequences of legal disputes and offers you both private and traffic legal protection - each individually or in the form of a combined insurance